A few months ago I wrote How to Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10. When the Anniversary Update was released for Windows 10, I was asked if the information in that article was still applicable.

I didn’t have an immediate answer because I was waiting to be offered the update via Windows Update. There is a way to go around waiting for the update and I did do that after it didn’t show up in the first few days after release. Now that I’ve installed the Anniversary Update on all the machines actively used in our office, I can say with certainty that you can still disable automatic updates as described in that article.

If you are not able to disable automatic updates, could it be that you have the “Home” version of Windows 10? The article clearly states you must have Windows 10 Pro!

Now that I have it installed, is there a new feature that has caught my eye? Actually, I can’t name a single one that interests me. I did find that installing the update turned enabled some things that I had previously disabled. For example, my laptop has a touch screen. Some of you consider that a great feature. To me it is something you accidentally touch. So I had to dig in device manager to turn off the touch part of the screen again.

There are also apps that Microsoft installs that are annoying to me. The Get Office app is one such app. I have Microsoft Office installed, but haven’t seen a reason to get the latest version. So I’m regularly notified to upgrade. How do you solve this? Either turn off the notifications or uninstall the app. I also noticed the default app for image viewing was also reset to Microsoft Photo which I have zero desire to ever use.

Now that I’ve re-configured my machine to the way I want, maybe I’ll see some of the new features in the Anniversary Update. So far my focus has been tweaking it to what I want.

Before you all start contacting me about what you like or don’t like, keep in mind that we all have our own preferences. My preferences are what I like and they are not necessarily right or wrong for anyone else.

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