Loyal readers are well aware that I do most of my Web design using WordPress these days. It definitely provides a lot of tools to make site design more WYSIWYG. Yet there are still many times that code needs to be edited to get things just right. For that, a good text editor is required.

I’ve been a huge fan of WeBuilder for a number of years. Most recently I wrote about it in WeBuilder 2014 Provides Excellent Code Builder for Web Pages.

Recently I started working with a different text editor and it has become my go to choice most of the time. Atom proclaims itself as the hackable text editor because they make it easy for anyone to create packages to extend its functionality. Need a really good reason to try it? It’s free!


I am a fan of the dark layout and love the color coding it does for all different flavors of code I need to edit. I’ve used it on HTML, PHP, CSS and just plain old text files. Trying to remember the syntax of different types of files is difficult, so having auto-completion makes it a lot easier to get things just right.

There may still be times I turn to WeBuilder, though I have a feeling it will be fairly rare going forward. It is hard to beat such a powerful editor that is completely free!

Get Atom Editor!

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