cover_nov16_insightsI write a column for Insights magazine every other month for the Awards and Personalization Association. The most recent article they published was entitled Turbocharge Name Badges With Imposition and eCut and you can download a PDF of it for free. You can also read the entire November 2016 of the magazine for free. Note that you will have to have Adobe Flash working to read the magazine online.

The article will go over how to use Print Merge and Imposition in CorelDRAW to merge data with artwork. While Print Merge allows you to merge text, it doesn’t include the ability to merge graphics.

That’s where eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW comes into play. You’ll see in the article how it was used to merge both photos and QR codes onto name badges. If you want to try eCut, there is a trial version that is completely free.


I’ve heard confusion from a few readers about eCut recently and want to clarify a couple of things. There are no feature limitations on the trial of eCut. It is fully functional! Don’t believe me? The trial was what I used to write the article!

There is a lot of power in eCut so make sure to study the documentation as well as the numerous pages we have on the CorelDRAW Unleashed Web site explaining it in detail. This includes an FAQ section that resolves issues some users experience.

What is limited is the amount of time you have to test it. Make sure you don’t install the trial until you are truly ready to test it. Once installed, the clock starts ticking on the trial and it only works for a few days. Note that this is the limitation imposed by the author of eCut and it is not something we can change. If you need to merge graphics as I did in the article, it is something you’ll definitely want in your toolbox!

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