I am asked quite often when I am going to write a book on CorelDRAW X7 or X8. The answer is always the same, I have written my last book on CorelDRAW. For those who want a detailed answer, please read One Door is Closing, Another to Be Opened post that I wrote 3 1/2 years ago.

Sometimes when I mention this, the person asking doesn’t want to accept my response. They are convinced there is a massive number of users wanting to pay for new training materials. I’m sorry, that just isn’t the case. If there truly was a gold mine, I wouldn’t have stopped writing CorelDRAW books. I have moved on to other pursuits and that isn’t going to change. Even if I were to decide to write a book on a future version of CorelDRAW, I would have to start working on it right now. Such an idea isn’t even close to my drawing board.

While CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed does not specifically cover new features in CorelDRAW X7 or X8, it does cover the majority of the features that still work in the same way. This is a great starting point for someone needing to learn the new versions.

stitch-brushes-icon-1000That doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything new related to CorelDRAW. Just this week we updated the CorelDRAW Stitch Brushes to add support for CorelDRAW X8. Of course there are other great add-ons that were already updated to work in CorelDRAW X8.

We’re also adding new collections to Textures Unleashed on a regular basis. All of our textures work fantastic in the last ten versions (or more) of CorelDRAW. They also work great in most every other graphics software.

For those who are curious, the vast majority of my time is spent on Web design. That certainly includes maintaining and adding to the nine sites in the Unleashed family. But it also means working for clients all over the US and beyond to help them get the most out of their online presence.

Yes, I am still doing a few things related to CorelDRAW. But those are continuing to decrease over time and I will focus more time on Web design. While this isn’t the answer some want to hear, it is the direction that I am taking as it allows me to earn a reasonable income.

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