Recently I started working with a new client on a Web site. We can discuss the Web site in a future post. Today I wanted to focus on how the logo was built. When we met, the client had already purchased a bitmap graphic to be used as a starting point for the logo. Below is that graphic. Note that I have added the “SAMPLE” overlays because I don’t want the stock library to be upset with me for distributing their graphic.

This is the type of graphic that is very easy to convert to vector using Corel POWERTrace. The client had given me a specific list of changes to make. First, get rid of the thickness of both the front and back bumper. Once that is done, add a stripe down the side of the car. I was provided with a sketch showing me the requested changes.

Making those changes was fairly simple using the node editing tools in CorelDRAW. Even though the client didn’t request it, I skewed the car just a little bit to give it the appearance of movement. Shhhh, don’t tell them I did it!

Once the graphic was complete, I had to add the text to finish the logo. Each line of text was made the exact same width using guidelines. On the top word, Phoenix, I used a very slight envelope to round the top of the text. Below are two variations of the logo, one horizontal and one vertical.

There were two other variations created where the phone number was added to each of the logos, though neither of them are shown here because they are such slight variations. These are not the most creative logos, but they were exactly what the client wanted. Taking the bitmap provided and tweaking it to meet the clients needs was very easy using the tools in CorelDRAW.

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