I’m convinced that people just don’t pay attention these days. Yes, myself included. That includes not reading the answer that is very clearly stated on a Web page. Not reading a sign with clear instructions. I’ve even missed at least a couple of things I’ve read in the past month. If we all slow down and pay closer attention, I have a feel we’ll be happier and more productive.

It is also a headscratcher to me when very experienced CorelDRAW users have some fairly basic questions that I’ve answered (as well as others) numerous times. A very common one is how to deal with script text to avoid weird overlaps. Check out my Basic Tasks Every CorelDRAW User Must Know for that answer and working with name badges.

We know that free tutorials are popular. In the last week, we’ve updated all of our Vehicle Template Tutorials and Seamless Textures Tutorials. Make sure to check them out.

Having a Web site that works well on mobile is important. So often I hear that the person I’m speaking with doesn’t surf on their phone that it isn’t important. The facts are the facts and two-thirds of all Web visits are on a phone. You can either update your Web site to make it mobile friendly or you can see potential clients go to your competitors who have updated their sites.

Speaking of information related to Web design, we have moved most blogs on the topics to our Web Design Solutions Unleashed site. Visit the blog page there, read a few posts and you can sign up to receive the posts via e-mail. If you want help making your site mobile friendly, request our help.

Your e-mail is being filtered! This is not a question or a suggestion, it is a fact. Some e-mail providers filter more than others, I’m looking at you AOL. So often I talk to users who didn’t receive an e-mail and they are absolutely positive it wasn’t filtered. Every time they talk to their e-mail provider, they find out it was filtered. I’ve not tested every e-mail provider, but I’ve found that Gmail does the best job of filtering out bad stuff while allowing the good stuff.

I find Twitter to be immensely useful. To get the most from it, the free Tweetdeck tool is truly required. It provides news, entertainment and a great way to communicate with other people and companies. For those who aren’t already following me, please give me a follow. Will every tweet be useful to you? Definitely not! But I do tweet out a lot of information about graphics and Web design on a daily basis.

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