When I’m working at our Producciones Unleashed office in Loreto Bay, Mexico, it is very hard for me to know when someone is at the door. The outside door opens to an outdoor entryway and garden. So when indoors, it is hard to hear a knock. This meant I needed to find a wireless doorbell solution with ringers for two separate indoor areas. I found a great choice and will list it below. No, I didn’t get anything free though I do receive a small commission if you click on the links I provide and purchase from Amazon. Yes, I have to provide this silly disclaimer.

When looking on Amazon, there were a number of wireless doorbell kits. Some cost more and some cost less than the SadoTech Wireless Kit with Two Receivers that I selected. It was well reviewed, fit my budget and delivered the functionality I required.

The two receivers can be plugged into any outlet. Each can have its own chime from over 50 supplied and the volume can be adjusted. If anyone is curious, Mexican power outlets are the same as in the US/Canada. The button can be mounted either with adhesive tape or with two screws. It is powered by an A23 12v battery. While this is not a proprietary size, it is not as common as other sizes. I ordered a two-pack of Duracell replacement batteries so I have spares if needed.

I can’t wait to get this installed in our Southern office since I can take the occasional break at the beach.

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