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Three Webcams To Consider For Video Calls

Last week I wrote about the Echo Show and one of its big new features is making video calls. Of course the ability to make video calls isn’t unique to the Echo Show and is not even that new. I’ve been making video calls through Skype for nearly a decade.

If you’re going to make video calls on a computer, you’ll need a camera and a microphone. Today I’m going to share three different Logitech Web cams with a range of price points and features. Yes, I’ll be sharing Amazon links from which I earn a small commission. No, I haven’t gotten a free Web cam from Amazon or Logitech.

On the low-end is the Logitech C270. It shoots video at 720p resolution and includes a microphone. Just plug it in to a USB 2.0 port and you should be ready for a video call in short order. While the specifications do not list Windows 10 as being supported, many users report that it works just fine. For the price, this is a really good option.

A great mid-level Web cam is the Logitech C615. It can record video at full 1080p, but only 720p is supported in Skype. It also adds autofocus to give you a better image. Windows 10 is officially listed as being supported. For all the additional features, the price is still darned good.

If you want a really good Web cam, look at the Logitech C922x. It supports a full 1080p for both recording and Skype. It even records at 60 frames per second. There is even a background removal feature that doesn’t require a green screen. Audio is captured in stereo and the camera lens is glass. All of this and it still sells for under $100.

No matter which Web cam you choose, you’ll have the ability to enjoy video calls in Skype and other software that supports a video camera. I don’t always want to do a video call, but it is very nice every now and then. It is especially fun to do with someone on the other side of the world. Makes the distance feel a lot less.

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