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Scorkl Allows You To Breathe Underwater With Total Freedom

Since I’ll be within 100 yards of the sea in less than a week, I’ve been more interested in ways to explore underwater recently. Back in April I wrote AirBuddy Tankless Dive Gear For Portable Scuba Diving. Their Kickstarter campaign has now ended and they raised more than twice their goal. It should begin shipping in another year or so.

My Airbuddy post got widely shared and the folks from Scorkl reached out and asked if I would write about their product. While they asked me to write about it, I’ve not been compensated in any way and get nothing if you choose to support them. OK, maybe I’ll get a thank you email from them. First, let’s look at a picture of Skorkl in action.

Skorkl is also a product in late stages of development and their Kickstarter campaign is already underway. The primary product is a small air tank that allows you to breathe underwater. They don’t recommend users to go below 3 meters (10 feet) of depth if they are not scuba certified. Even certified divers won’t want to go very deep as the tank only contains a few minutes of air at shallow depths.

There is also a special high-pressure pump that can be used to add air back to the Scorkl. It will take several minutes of pumping to get a full tank. Or you can connect it via an adapter to a scuba tank for a quicker refill. While both products are a way to breathe underwater, they are really quite different. If Skorkl is of interest to you, I highly recommend you visit the Kickstarter page to learn more about how it works. In less than 24 hours, this project has already exceeded its funding goal.

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  1. This has been around for over 30 years already and you can buy it of off amazon for 300 bugs. The original doesn’t have a pump though because you CAN’T fill a scuba tank by hand! Since the pump will not work and the ‘scorkl’ is just a copy if the ‘spare air’, this campaign is most likely a scam!
    Here is the original product on amazon:

    If you gonna get one, make sure you NEVER HOLD YOUR BREATH while under water. If you do, you could rip your lung. Get trained in scuba diving, if you wanna use it! Be safe, don’t be stupid!

    • Foster D. Coburn III

      I can’t speak for the Scorkl folks, so you really should take up your complaints with them. A bottle of Spare Air is certainly similar to the Scorkl product, but having the ability to refill it seems to be their new wrinkle. If you truly believe their campaign is a scam, take it up with Kickstarter or Scorkl. I believe it to be legit.

    • Spot on Ben. You need to do better due diligence Foster.

  2. My concern is not about the scam factor. Reality is that this is a real scuba device which will be used as a toy by noncertified divers. I am well aware of it as I have used a spare air before. The marketing video just makes me shudder at the thought of air embolism from even a shallow 3 meter dive and likely death from the first 500 units shipped out. They will be bankrupted within 3 months and will seek legal advice quickly. Warning in the instructions is not adequate to protect the public. Would you hand out firearms to a group of adolescents and tell them to read the safety book first? Irresponsible, greed, and stupidity is written all over the advertising and videos. I am a physician, divemaster, and an army veteran. Do not promote this product like they did in the Today show in Australia.

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