More and more devices are being released that have USB-C connectors. The latest is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I already put in my pre-order for it. While it comes with a cable, I wanted to make sure I could charge in my car and elsewhere. This meant I also needed to purchase a few new cables and thankfully they weren’t very expensive. I’ll provide information on them below along with links to purchase them from Amazon. No, I didn’t get any freebies, though I’ll get a few pennies if you choose to purchase with my links.

Yes, having a cable dedicated to USB-C is important and I’ll talk about them later. I’ve found it very useful to have a cable that supports multiple plugs. This helps if I have different devices to charge or if a friend needs something to charge their device. For this, I ordered the ThinkANT Multi Charger pictured below. It includes USB-C, micro USB and Lightning plugs. In fact, it is a 2-pack that gives you a 1 foot cable and a 4 foot cable for one low price. The short one is handy if you have a battery pack (as I’ve described in a previous post).

While the multi charger is great, it will not transfer data. I wanted to make sure I had at least a couple of cables that could charge and transfer data. For now, I got the 2-pack of Snowkids USB C Cables.

Another option is to buy adapters that convert micro USB to USB C. I didn’t go this route right away, but it something I may pick up later. Amazon offers a 4-pack.

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