My hands are on a keyboard for long stretches of every day. I still love to use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that must be at least ten years old. Other users prefer a very compact keyboard so I thought I’d feature one today. I have not received anything for writing about it, but I will earn a tiny commission if you use the links provided to order one.

As I went searching, I wanted a keyboard that included a numeric keypad and the full range of function keys. Beyond that, it should be compact and have a bargain price. The AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard checks all those boxes. It is far superior to some of the keyboards I’ve had supplied with computers in the past.

While the trend for mice and keyboards is to be wireless, it is wired. To avoid any congestion in the radio waves, I prefer having a wired keyboard. This keyboard includes special keys for Windows and to control important Windows functions. It may not be the perfect keyboard for my desktop computer, but I would certainly consider getting one for my laptop as is it far better than the small keyboard on the laptop.

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