We’ve used a NAS drive in our office as mass network storage for more than a decade. I wrote about the most recent device in the Asustor Network Attached Storage with 2, 4 and 10 Drive Bays post a couple of years ago. Since that was written, new models have been released. But I also want to talk about the cloud storage feature. No, I haven’t gotten anything free or discounted. But the links are provide will earn me a pitifully small commission from Amazon if you buy something.

Let’s first go over the latest model from Asustor. Should I get the 10-bay model as I did before, it is now the Asustor AS6210T. Keep in mind that this does not include any hard drives, you’d need to purchase ten of them separately (to fill the ten bays). There are also models that come with 8 bays (Asustor AS6208T), 4 bays (Asustor AS6204T) and 2 bays (Asustor AS6202T). Those models will have a lower total cost though they also less total storage among other limitations.

These NAS drives are great for mass storage, backup and cloud storage. Let me explain more about how the cloud storage works and how we’ve used it. No surprise that the Asustor box physically sits in our office. When we are in the office, it is simply another drive letter on each of the computers. Each user has a specific login to be able to access storage areas on the NAS drive. Recently we activated a feature that also allows authorized users to access the drive from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

We’ve implemented multiple layers of security so that only authorized users are able to access the data on the drive. Keep in mind that this is complete separate from our Web servers where any customer and order information would be processed. Using the Map Network Drive feature of Windows along with the Internet-based location, we are able to access the drive almost the same as if it were in the same room. The speed of files is dependent on the upload speed from our office and the upload/download speed of the remote location.

When I’ve been away from the office in the past, I had to make sure I copied any files needed to my laptop before departing. On my most recent time away, I wasn’t concerned about moving many files. While I was sitting near the Mexican beach, I just connecting directly the the Asustor NAS box hundreds of miles away. There may have even been a couple of occasions when I had a margarita in hand.

The initial purchase of a NAS box is an investment. The first one I purchased worked well for nine years before it was time to get a bigger, more powerful model. I fully expect the current NAS box to last for many more years into the future. Now it is even more valuable to me since I can connect with it from anywhere in the world!

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