I’ve had my Amazon Alexa for a few months now. While I use it daily, I’ve yet to use it to automate my home. I certainly remember the science fiction of my youth that described all the things we would be able to do via voice command and Alexa can turn that into reality. I’m including some links for which I can earn a puny commission if you buy something. Unfortunately I got nothing for free.

Today I’m going to talk about some special outlets designed to be able to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Plug the smart plug into a wall outlet and then plug a device, such as a light, into the smart plug. The plugs are designed to talk directly to your WiFi network.

In order to determine what can be done with the smart plugs, you will need to install the free “kasa” app on your iOS or Android device. Within the app you can define times to turn it on and off or name the plugs to work via voice control. I’ve not yet gotten any smart plugs, but I’m already thinking of ways that I can put them to use. Once I have a plan, I’m sure I’ll get some.


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