It was a long process and one that will be ongoing, but I’m excited to announce that Unleashed has earned Google Partner status. I’ve included a clickable badge below (it may not function or appear if you are reading via email) and then I’ll describe the process involved.

At this point, there is only one major category for this type of Google Partner status. It specifically revolves around the Google AdWords platform. My understanding is that other categories will be available in the future.

For this status, we had to complete three different areas. First, we had to pass two certifications exams at a minimum. It was great that we were able to pass both of these exams on our first try. Other exams exist and we plan to take each of them in the near future to earn additional specializations. Results of each test are only good for twelve months so we’ll have to retake them every year to maintain our partner status.

Next, clients under our management had to spend more than $10,000 on ads within the past 90 days. Our clients have seen sales growth and have continued to increase their spend to grow even more. It is important that the sum of our clients’ spend remains over $10,000 to keep our partner status.

The third criteria is that the ads in the various campaigns had to meet or exceed performance criteria. Thankfully our clients’ campaigns have outperformed the minimum performance standard. We have to make sure that all ads perform well so that we stay above the minimum and retain our partner status.

One thing that this specific badge doesn’t take into account is that we also passed the Mobile Sites Certification Exam. Our understanding is that Google will offer some sort of badge for mobile site developers in the future and we’ll do what we need to do to earn that badge.

There are ways for us to earn an even higher level of Google Partner status and we’ll work hard to earn that status as well. We’d love to put our Web knowledge to work to help you. Please visit our Web Design Solutions Unleashed site and let us know how we can help.

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