Web Site Failure, Free Trial and Free CorelDRAW Macro

August 7, 2017

There are some recurring questions we’re asked on a regular basis and I thought I’d put answers to each of them in this blog.

As I was writing this I saw a tweet from Google stating the first Web page went live 25 years ago. After all of that time, you’d think people understand that sometimes things happen. Yet we often hear that “your Web site isn’t loading”. I wrote about this is more detail in Link Doesn’t Work? Wait a Few Minutes and Try Again.

We have ten different sites in the Unleashed family and we perform at least some sort of routine maintenance on them most every day. During the maintenance, the site will be down for a minute or two. Throw in temporary glitches on our server, your connection to the Internet and everything in between; it isn’t uncommon for things to fail at any given time. Wait a few minutes and try again and likely the problem will be resolved. This is not only true about our sites, it is true for any site on the Internet. In short, be patient.

One of the most popular macros we offered on our CorelDRAW Unleashed site is Design Base and I last wrote about it in Design Base Automation Plug-In Now Supports CorelDRAW 2017. Due to its popularity, it also leads to the highest number of comments, questions and complaints.

Some users think we are misleading them by saying it is free. It is absolutely, positively free and that doesn’t expire! We also state quite clearly on the page that it is far more useful if you purchase some of the artwork that works within Design Base. When someone orders Design Base, we often see them order both the older version and the newer version. You only need one version and the correct version depends on what version of CorelDRAW you are using.

Other users install it and then have no idea what to do next. There are a number of free video tutorials on the Design Base page that show how it works. I strongly suggest you want at least a few of them. As a macro, you launch it from the Macro Manager Docker in CorelDRAW or through the Tools | Macro | Run Macro menu item. If you don’t have a version of CorelDRAW that supports macros, you’ll have to invest in a full version that does have support.

Another version popular macro for CorelDRAW is eCut and I last wrote about it in eCut Designer Toolkit Updated to Support CorelDRAW X3-2017. There is a free trial available so you can determine if it is the right tool for you.

It is important to understand how the free trial works. Authors of any tool determine the limitations of their free trials and we are not the authors of eCut. In this case, the eCut trial is fully functional for only a few days and the clock starts ticking when you first install it. Once installed, there is no way to start the trial period over again. So if you find eCut interesting, do not install the trial until you are ready to spend some time working with it. For those who have already had the trial expire, we’re sorry but there is no way to try again on the same computer. You’ll either have to try on a different computer or purchase a license for eCut.

Photo credit: Gemma Evans

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