Loyal readers may remember I wrote about a wireless phone charger more than two years ago. I’ve been using that one to charge my phone every night and love it. Even when I travel, I often take it with me. It is just so convenient to lay the phone on the charger at night and wake up to a full battery. One of the “big new” features of the latest iPhones is wireless charging so I thought it was time to revisit the options. I’ll include an Amazon link for which I receive a small pittance if you purchase. Sadly, nothing was provided to me for free.

There are numerous options. Before I selected one to write about, I spoke with a friend who just got a new iPhone about the most important features to him. That led me to a charger that works on many of the newer phones.

The charger I’ve been using sits flat and I like how this charger is upright so the phone can sit on it charging while also being in use. Because of the way the charging coils are placed in the charger, you can have the phone horizontal or vertical and still charge.

I wasn’t really in the market to get a new charger, but I may get another one to use at my desk. The price is right to get a couple of them!

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