It was so long ago that I can’t remember for sure when I last bought night lights. It was a five-pack of really awesome lights that provide just enough light and cycle through a few colors. I’m not the only one that loves them, visitors to my house have asked where to get them. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything even similar. Now, I think I’ve found something even better! I will be providing links for which I get a tiny commission if you buy from Amazon. Sadly I didn’t get any free lights.

Sunbeam LED Power Failure Night LightsThe new lights I found come in a 3-pack and I may have to get more than a single package. Each of them has a large surface that illuminates and it can be set to a single color or it can cycle through a number of colors. When fully lit, they are really bright (50 lumens to be exact). They also have a motion sensor. When there is no motion, they will automatically dim after 25 seconds and then back to fully lit when motion is detected.

Should the power go out, you can remove the light from the outlet and use it as a flash light. Note that this only works if it is dark. But why would you need an emergency flashlight if it wasn’t dark?

I’m not sure I’ll want these lights in the room where I sleep because they are fairly bright even when dimmed. But they are perfect for a hallway or a bathroom. I got one 3-pack already and I might just have to get another one!

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