How often do you find yourself on the go and your phone or tablet is running out of juice? If so, you need some sort of portable power bank to give your devices a charge. I’m going to list three capacities of power banks. The more battery capacity, the larger and more expensive the device. Personally I have two devices, a small one that easily fits in my pocket and a huge one when I know I’ll need to recharge multiple times. Included are links to Amazon for which I receive a tiny commission. Sadly I’ve gotten no free products.

We’ll start with the smallest and lowest capacity at 5,000 mAh. Depending on your device, it should be able to fully charge it one time and possibly more. You can also slip it into a pocket or a small bag so it is very convenient to take it with you.

Next up is a power bank with 13,000 mAh capacity and dual outputs. It would need a fairly big pocket or more space in a bag. On the upside, you’ll get several charges for your devices out of it. Even better, you and a friend can each juice up your devices at the same time!

Need as much extra power as possible? Then go for the power bank with 26,800 mAh of power and triple outputs. Three people can charge devices at the same time and it has more than enough power to charge devices many times. Due to the size, it won’t fit easily in anything but a huge pocket. I keep one in my travel bag as it is perfect for long flights. Also nice for a conference where you know you can’t charge up often.

Depending on your needs, you might want to pick up one or even all of them. As I said, I have a small one that I can easily keep in my pocket and a big one for times that I need multiple charges. For me, they are invaluable!

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