I didn’t look up the old post where I talked about the P key sticking on my keyboard. I’m guessing it was a couple of years ago. After a good whack, it was unstuck and worked normally since soon after I wrote about it. In the last week, it has been sticking again and I decided it was time to replace my keyboard. Eight good years of hard use is pretty darned good. I’ll include some Amazon affiliate links to the keyboard and that means I’ll make a few pennies if you click the link and buy one. Sadly, I didn’t get any free keyboards to write this.

After looking at all the available choices, I found that getting the exact same keyboard I’ve purchased twice before was still the best option. Heck, it is even the “Amazon’s Choice” for keyboards. First, a photo and then I’ll tell you why I selected it and the next best option.

Some people, myself included, love ergonomic keyboards. Others hate them. For me, I only looked at the ergonomic options. While vendors other than Microsoft had a few choices, none of them fit what I wanted. The next best option was a newer choice from Microsoft, pictured below.

It has a smaller footprint and that is a plus. Unfortunately I’m not excited that the numeric keypad is a separate piece that could be lost and I don’t want to worry about batteries for my keyboard. This could be a better choice for some, but it wasn’t for me.

Buying a new keyboard allows me to test something I’ve read about cleaning keyboards. I’ve never had the guts to try it. Supposedly you can put a keyboard in a dishwasher and it will be sparkling clean and still function afterwards. As my old keyboard is likely headed for the trash, it is worth giving this tip a try. If it works, I have a backup keyboard. If it fails, it definitely goes in the trash. Once I’ve tried it, I’ll let you know.

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