Has it become obvious that I’ve had video on my mind a lot the last couple of weeks? Last week I talked about rigs for shooting video with your smartphone. One of those rigs included a microphone system that is far better than what is included in the phone. Unfortunately those microphones could pick up background noise in addition to what you want to record. I’ve got some Amazon links in here for which I earn a few pennies. No, I haven’t gotten anything for free.

For those situations, it would be good to have either a lavaliere microphone or a handheld microphone. Five years ago I wrote Convert a Smartphone Into a Camcorder which included a lavaliere microphone I purchased that worked very well. Today I’m going to look at a handheld microphone.

After some research, I went with the Excelvan K18-V Bluetooth Wireless Microphone shown above. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth as well as a number of other devices. While Bluetooth does compress audio a bit, it will work great for my video making needs. I’ll have the option of using the microphones on the rig, a lavaliere microphone or this Bluetooth handheld microphone.

With everyone being able to make videos today, it can also be important to feature your branding in every place possible. To make your handheld microphone look just like the big boys, you might want to add a mic flag similar to the one at right. It is as simple as uploading your own artwork and ordering one. It is an extra expense, but it does raise the production quality of videos.

With a recent vintage smartphone, the rigs discussed last week and the microphone in this post; you’ve got a great toolbox for filming high-quality videos. You’ll still need some software to edit those videos and ideas for great content. Maybe you can do it all yourself and maybe you’ll need some assistance. I did the research on these products for my own future video series and I hope it is also useful for you.

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