YouTube will be making some changes to their Partner Program starting February 20, 2018 and that means our channel could be relegated to a lower tier. It also means our videos can’t be monetized with ads. Given that we earn very little, I’m more concerned about being removed from the program. Since the deadline isn’t until February 20, we still have time to qualify and I’m asking for your help. Today is also my birthday so how about you consider your help a birthday present that costs nothing but a small amount of your time.

Currently the only threshold we had to meet is 10,000 lifetime views and that is being removed. Now we have to meet two new thresholds.

The first threshold to qualify is to have 1000 subscribers to your channel. As I write this, we have 981. It is free to subscribe and it simply means you’ll receive notification when we add a new video. Please go to our channel, Graphics Unleashed, and subscribe.

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The second threshold is to have 4000 hours of video watched in the past year. We’re not as close to this one and we’d really appreciate if you can watch a video or two. If you’d like to watch ten videos, we’d be overjoyed. They’re all free, so it is just time and you can even learn something while watching. To see all of the videos we’ve posted, you can find them listed on our Graphics Unleashed channel.

I’m also going to provide a list of some of our most popular videos if you’d prefer to just click and go straight to them. For those of you who are CorelDRAW users, there are a number of them that can help you boost your CorelDRAW skills.

The videos listed above are all related to CorelDRAW in some way. There are many more in our channel if you wish to explore further. I also have a number of videos in the Cave Creek Geek series. All of them are listed on the Web site, but I’ll highlight a few of them below.

We’re also working on adding new videos to the Graphics Unleashed YouTube Channel in the near future. While I will not be creating any new CorelDRAW content, I do have a massive library of previously created CorelDRAW videos I could add to our channel.

In addition, we’re planning a new series of ongoing videos about various technology and Web design topics. The first of these videos would appear well after the February 20, 2018 deadline and this is part of the reason I’m asking for your help now. Thank you in advance for subscribing and watching a few videos.

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