ZoneAlarm Extreme SecurityWhile I was in the process of the makeover of this Graphics Unleashed site, I was all of a sudden greeted by a full screen message (see below) claiming I had the Zeus Virus. It even talked to me in a somewhat Stephen Hawking voice and told me to call a number to get the virus fixed.


How did I fix it? I simply hit the back button in my browser. That’s it.

If you are running reputable anti-virus and/or malware software, the warning will come from that software. It will NEVER ask you to call a phone number! You are running good security software, right? I’ve used the ZoneAlarm suite for more than a decade and have never been infected with anything.

So what would happen if you actually called that number? They would ask for your credit card number and they would charge you whatever amount it cost to “clean” your system. Since your system isn’t really infected, it would be magically fixed and you’d be out some of your hard-earned money.

In the future, any warning that does not come from your security software should be viewed with a very skeptical eye. And if they ask you to call, don’t do it!

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