Last week I shared that YouTube has made changes to their Partner Program. Yes, we need your help so that we can remain a partner. This has gotten me to thinking about our videos and how we present them on our sites and on YouTube. I also provided three free tutorial videos from CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed. Today we’re going to look at a very popular plug-in for CorelDRAW and the way that free videos are presented.

Many of you have at least visited the page for the Design Base Automation Plug-In for CorelDRAW. We do get asked if Design Base is truly free. It is. You need to “order” it, but there is no cost at all. That said, you truly do need to purchase some artwork if you want Design Base to truly deliver on its power.

Some users install Design Base into newer versions of CorelDRAW and claim something is wrong. If you are using CorelDRAW X7, X8 or 2017; you won’t see the “Advanced Tools” menu as described in the videos. This is because Corel doesn’t allow the menu to be created as part of the install process. Select Tools | Macros | Macro Manager or press Alt + Shift + F11 and run the Design Base macro from there.

Now I encourage you to visit the Design Base page and watch one or more of the 17 available tutorial videos. Each of the videos is now presented in a clean portfolio grid so you can easily see what is available. On the page where you watch the video, you’ll also find a slider that links to each of the other videos. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the most from Design Base and the hours of training videos available.

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