Saramonic Smartphone Video KitIf you haven’t already noticed, I’ve had video on my mind a lot lately. This came to the forefront when YouTube made changes to their partner program. I already had some ideas for future videos and it is time to get working on them. Having made some videos with my smartphone in the past, I knew there were some limitations I needed to overcome. Today I’ll share some solutions and there will be links to Amazon for which I receive a puny commission. Nothing has been provided to me for free.

While this whole video thing was fresh in my mind, I went to the Grand Opening of a local business last week. I noticed someone there had a rig for their smartphone filming the ceremony for use online. Afterwards, I asked a few questions about their equipment and then I went looking online for my own solution. I’ve found some answers, but I haven’t yet purchased anything since I know my filming is still a few weeks away.

The first kit I really liked was the Saramonic Ultimate Smartphone Video Kit with Dual Stereo Microphones, Audio Mixer, LED Light and Stabilizing Rig shown at right. It is not the least expensive kit, but it seems to include most everything I’d want. Yes, it holds the phone (most of the popular smartphones) tightly in the rig. It also includes a professional microphone system and an excellent LED light bar. Sure, I can think of a few little things I might like to add, but this is a really nice kit and I’ll be ordering one in the fairly near future.

What I saw in action was a different type of rig that seemed to be more stable. So I might want to also get the Ulanzi U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig as it allows the person filming to hold the rig with both hands. While the phone shows accessories, they are not included. But I could use the light and audio system from the Saramonic kit. Together, these two give me most everything I need to be a filmmaker.

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