Around the end of a year I got a note from Dell that the battery in my laptop may be defective. They offered a free replacement. I could either ship in my laptop to have it replaced or they could send me the battery and I could replace it myself. I opted for the latter and didn’t even bother opening the box when it arrived. Why? I had other work done last fall and the battery was replaced at that time. So I wasn’t immediately worried about the battery.

Then I got another email telling me that I had ten days to return the old battery. Oops, I better get it replaced soon! I flipped over the laptop and there were ten tiny screws with a Torx pattern. I searched my toolbox and I had nothing that would work. Amazon, help! I found the perfect toolkit and purchased it. Yes, I’ll get a few pennies if you buy one using my link.

The ORIA Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit I purchased is designed specifically for working on smaller items, including the latest electronic gadgets. Below is a photo showing everything included.

It also comes in a handy clamshell case so it is easy to store in a drawer until it is needed again. When working on some electronics, it can be difficult to reach some areas with a normal screwdriver. So in addition to a normal shaft, they also supply a flexible shaft for reaching around corners as shown below.

The kit arrived and it gave me exactly what I needed to open up my laptop, replace the battery and close it up again. Definitely a worthy purchase and something that many of you could find useful in your desk drawer. Get one now before you have an urgent need arise!

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