About a month ago I wrote Screwdriver Toolkit Has Everything Needed for Electronics Gear. The kit described in that post was something I needed in order to install the new battery in my laptop. If you are familiar with how Amazon works, they send you links to products similar to things you’ve purchased in hopes that you’ll buy more. Yes, I’ll include some Amazon links in this post for which I receive a puny commission. No, I haven’t gotten anything for free.

Before I tell you about another set, I should mention that I’m doing some downsizing right now. As I look at my collection of tools, I’ve lost count at the number of single-purpose screwdrivers I have. There are probably at least 30 of them and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are 50. That’s way too many and I don’t need a separate screwdriver for each purpose. So when I got one of those emails from Amazon about the kit described in this post, it definitely piqued my interest.

First, I’m a big fan of the case containing all of the parts. It has a really nice screwdriver handle with tips of all sorts. Unlike the kit last month, these are the “normal sized” tips. Sure, I probably have something with all of these tips already. But if I can get rid of the huge pile of screwdrivers and replace it with this kit, I’m all good. It also includes a nice set of pliers. Will it overlap a bit with the electronics kit from last month? Most likely. Yet it is still a good price and one more step in my downsizing.

The marketing effort by Amazon to promote this kit to me definitely worked. I’ve already got mine on order. Is this a kit that can help you too?

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