I’ve long felt that having a good monitor is extremely important for anyone in the content creation business and those in many other businesses. When I’ve had a choice on where to allocate my computer budget, I’ve always pushed more towards a monitor for this reason. Often a good monitor will last through a couple of computers. For example, I’m still using a monitor that is eleven years old. While it still works great, I know it will soon be time to upgrade.

My current monitor is 30 inches. It seemed big at first, but now I’d be happy with one even bigger. At the time, my current resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels was the top end. Now you need 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) to even be near the best resolution. As I’ve kept my eyes open for my next monitor, I’ve been looking for a 4K monitor that is at least 40 inches diagonally. Of course I want something that won’t break the bank.

I found a great balance in the Acer ET430K. It is 43 inches diagonal with the desired 4K resolution. It uses an LED built on in-plane switching (IPS) technology for a better picture. Response time is 5ms and brightness is 350 nit. You can connect it via HDMI, DisplayPort and mini-DisplayPort. Connect two and it will even support picture in picture.

Could you find a monitor with a better picture? Sure. Something with more features? Absolutely. But this monitor hits the sweet spot of great features at an affordable price. When I go monitor shopping in the near future, this will be the one to beat.

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