Hopefully you all know the value of USB Flash Drives. You can easily attach many gigabytes of storage to your keyring with something no larger than a beer opener. Heck, you can even have both! Over time the capacity of these drives has gotten larger and the speed they can read and write data has gotten faster. No, I didn’t get anything for free. Yes, I’ll earn a few pennies if you buy from Amazon using the links I’ve provided.

There are many choices and it is hard to find one that doesn’t do the basic task of storing data and making it easily portable. So as we look for a new one, it should be judged on storage size, data transfer speed, looks and cost. The latest Samsung drives really caught my eye with their metal bar form factor. You won’t have to worry about the ring connecting to your keychain failing as it is nice and solid. USB 3.0 brings fast speeds and the prices are very competitive at each of the sizes: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

If you haven’t gotten a new flash drive (or two or three) in the last couple of years, it might just be time to get something newer, faster and with larger capacity. These offerings from Samsung would be a great choice!

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