I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys listening to music as I work. Simple enough to do when sitting at my desk. But taking the music with me wasn’t always so easy. I still remember a getaway weekend a few years back when I had to rely on the speaker in my phone to play music I could hear in a big room. It didn’t work so well.

I love my Alexa and it can be connected to a phone with Bluetooth. But it needs electricity and isn’t really that portable. So when the folks at BenQ contacted me and offered to send me a Trevolo S to review, I was happy to put it to the test. Yes, I received a speaker for free. Yes, I will earn a small commission from Amazon if you buy using the links I provide. Beyond the free speaker, BenQ provided me information on it but didn’t ask me to write anything specific other than to include three photos of my choice.

The Trevolo S arrived a few weeks ago and I was asked to wait to post about it until it was available at Amazon. Made perfect sense so that if you were interested you could actually buy one or even learn more details about it. The extra time also gave me the chance to try it out in various situations.

First up is to connect the Trevolo S with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It also includes a 3.5mm stereo input and a microUSB port so you can have a wired connection. Heck, you can even connect two of them in “Duo mode” for even better sound. I paired with it with Samsung Note 8 phone and it was a very simple process. Once connected, you can adjust the volume on both your phone (tablet) and directly on the Trevolo S. It is important to adjust both to the level you desire.

BenQ provided me a list of songs to use for testing. While I didn’t have everything on their list, I did listen to as many of their selections as possible along with some of my own choices to test highs, lows and midrange. Frequency response is listed as 60 Hz – 20 KHz. That’s pretty darned good for something so small.

In the main body of the speaker are two 12 watt woofers and each of the fold-out wings functions as the tweeters using electrostatic technology. This gives great sound out of the flat surface. In fact the sounds comes out of the front and the back to truly fill a room with sound. Because the wings also fold flat into the body of the speaker, they made it very portable.

While it is supplied with an electric plug with a microUSB connection, it also contains a lithium ion battery. I’m not sure the maximum time it will play on battery, but I used it for more than twelve hours one weekend and it was going strong.

Now for the really important part, how does it sound? If you just want loud with a lot of bass, this may not be what you want. I compared the sound to an inexpensive speaker and the other one was louder with more bass. But the cheap speaker was also very distorted. I found the Trevolo S delivered really good sound quality across the entire frequency range. Best of all, there was no distortion. The documentation does suggest you place the Trevolo S on a sturdy flat surface as close to ear level as possible. Because the sound comes out of both sides, it sounds best indoors when place a small distance from a wall. That allows the sound from the back to reflect for a “live” sound.

You’ll notice most of the photos show the black version of the speaker and I was provided with the white one shown in the background of the photo above. If you appreciate quality playback over volume, this is an excellent choice and it is definitely marketed towards the audiophile market.

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