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Foster D. Coburn III

Foster D. Coburn III is the author of thirteen books on CorelDRAW, the latest being CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed. He has been a contributor to numerous magazines. Foster has taken many projects, including this Web site and many more, from the early design stage through to a finished piece. He has been a featured speaker at many graphics and Web conferences.

Vector Bevel

Beveling objects and text is a great way to add depth to any design. The bevel effect can be easily rendered in bitmap programs; yet, to replicate the effect in true vector form can be both tedious and time consuming. Since the release of CorelDRAW X3, users have been blessed …

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WildPresenter Lite Gives Lots of Bang for Less Buck

About a month ago, I told you about WildPresenter in one of my posts. WildPresenter provides a wonderful list of features for those creating multimedia presentations. For some users, there are too many features and the cost is more than they can afford. WildForm just released WildPresenter Lite to give …

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150 More Great Textures

Well, I’m finally back in the office after a long absence. That means I have a lot of news to pass along in the next few days. I’ll start with a quick blurb about some cool new textures from Spiral Graphics. They have released a 2nd Texture Pack that works …

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Black Sunday

It is funny sometimes how quickly life can turn. Saturday evening I had just finished teaching a Boot Camp and was pretty exhausted. I got an e-mail from my mom telling me that an aunt was having a 75th birthday party the next day and I should really send a …

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Stories From Boot Camp

Today was the first day of another Boot Camp. There were a few interesting things that happened during the day of learning that I wanted to share with you. One of the attendees is a sign maker and uses Signlab in addition to CorelDRAW. His main use for Signlab is …

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Numbering Invoices, Raffle Tickets and More

If you are a subscriber to our Graphics Unleashed newsletter, you have already read about this tutorial. Don’t worry, there is new info here. Jeff Harrison saw a posting about a cool little utility in the Corel newsgroups and created some video tutorials showing how to use the utility in …

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Telemarketers and Politicians Just Don’t Get It

I’ll admit it, I was a telemarketer when I was in college. I worked there for a whole week and was fired because I wouldn’t smile as I was driving people crazy. Sorry, I just can’t enjoy so despicable. Normally I don’t get a lot of telemarketing calls because I …

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More Production Ready Art

Sure you can go out and get a huge collection of clip art for $50 at most any software store. The downside is that the art really isn’t that useful for people in a production environment. The new Ready Art Volume I collection brings usable art to graphic artists. It …

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Is There a Business in Copying DVD Movies?

Many of you will see that headline and think I’m talking about buying one DVD of a movie, making a ton of copies and selling them. I am definitely saying saying to do that. Let’s back up a few days to a story about Circuit City copying DVDs for customers. …

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Doctoring Photos Can Lead to Trouble

If you’ve been following the news lately, there was a photo of the war in Beirut that was blatantly manipulated using image editing software. If you want to see detailed evidence, here is a very good explanation. As someone who often teaches people to doctor photos, this is a perfect …

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