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Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison is a media “Jack-of-all-trades”, familiar with most of the major media applications on the Windows platform. Whether it’s 2D/print, 3D, audio, video, or web-related – he’s working on mastering everything that comes his way. He’s a past Alpha and Beta tester for Corel, and has instructed students from all over the world. He runs the popular MacroMonster.com site, the #1 place for CorelDRAW macros. Also check out his youtube page, and his gallery at coreldraw.com.

Reaper Audio Multitracking

Corel related? Nope. Media related? Yes. 🙂 Here’s some gnarly multitracker software I’ve been following. In spite of scary name, it offers massive community support and numerous and regular improvements/updates. Looks really slick (esp. with skinable UI as shown), and works quite well. Click for a better view. Some of …

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Flipping objects in place

Flip objects in place by pressing CTRL+SHIFT and moving the adjustment handles as shown:

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CorelDRAW macro that reveals the length of a curve

This macro will reveal the length of a single selected curve. You can choose either inches or centimeters. If the curve has subpaths, they will be included in the total measurement.

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image rescue again

Here’s an image of a doctor that I improved upon a few years ago. There were no other photos available, I just had to make it work. 🙂 You might notice some main things such as removing shadow behind head, and skin tone adjustment. The final result has a bit …

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Image rescue

Here was a pic that needed some repair. The original provided was at left, my repair attempt at right. click on image for more detail….

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Opening PDF’s for editing in Draw

A user asked: I am attempting to import a PDF file into Corel so I can do some editing. When I copied and pasted the file into Corel the quality was extremely bad, so I tried to import the file and got a bunch of crazy symbols where the text …

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Be honest with yourself…

Do you struggle with rebuilding logos and drawing shapes in general? All vector artists stumble around in the dark for far too long. I was one too… Check out a few comments below from very satisfied customers: Customer Comment received on Oct. 7, 2008: Jeff, I’ve been using X3 for …

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X4 layer macro updated

Brian updated his X4 layer macro to allow for printability.

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Making border rectangles with macros

Brian Davies Rectangle Creator is here!

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Arching a rectangle

A CorelDRAW user wrote: “Honestly, I can’t believe I can’t figure this out, but all I want to do is arc a rectangle halfway around a circle. I tried the envelope tool but it’s not giving me the desired look I need. “ I’d try a different way, for a …

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