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Kurt Joachim von Behrmann was born in Stuttgart, Germany and from that time to the present has literally followed in his father’s footsteps as an Artist, Art Professor and Writer. Like many visual artists, von Behrmann started out with small scale drawings as a child. This interest in the arts continued and ultimately translated into a B.F.A in Painting with honors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and subsequently an M.F.A. in Painting from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. After the degrees were earned, he followed a path that moved him through various parts of the southeast as an administrator and Professor. During those moves he continued to write for such publications as “The New Art Examiner,” based in Chicago, “Art Papers,” based in Atlanta, Georgia and “The Little Rock Free Press,” in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after that time, Mr. von Behrmann began to branch out reviewing other subject matter including films, books, and computer software and hardware. Mr. von Behrmann resides in Phoenix, Arizona and continues to create new work as a visual artist, in addition to maintaining a regular computer column.

Kurt Reviews Revo Uninstaller Pro version 3.1.2

Installing software can be an annoying process. Insert code, wait to activate, click to install, shut down, boot up and wait are just par for the course. Installing software can be a laborious bore. On the other side of installing is uninstalling. That can be just as messy, if not …

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Kurt Reviews ACT! v17

While ACT! 17 is geared toward small businesses, it also makes sense for those not running a business who need to keep track of contacts with more detail than a simple address book can muster. While most address books can handle the basics, names, numbers, and the like, if you …

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Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830

It is easy to assume that all keyboards are more or less the same. That assumption turns sour fast when you start typing for any length of time. Space, sensitivity, even the sound, factors that may not appear to mean much take on new significance when you type often. Although …

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Sprint LivePro: A Projector for All Seasons?

At some point we have all attended a meeting where the projector didn’t work for this reason or that. Sprint’s LivePro may not end all projector technical disasters, but it certainly is well equipped to make sure you have enough options so that failure is not one of them. Billed …

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