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Foscam C1 Lite HD 720P Indoor Wireless Security Camera

It used to be a major ordeal to set up a security camera to keep your home or office safe. Like other camera technology, it is becoming very easy to have an electronic eye watching your space. Prices have dropped so it is affordable for everyone and watching can be …

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Canon G7 X Mark II Is Powerful Point and Shoot Camera

Smartphone cameras are very powerful, but they aren’t always enough to capture the photos you want. DSLRs are more expensive and too bulky to carry in your pocket. Point and shoot cameras are a good compromise between the two. A really good point and shoot is the Canon G7 X …

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Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Provides 40X Optical Zoom

I shoot most of my photos these days with my smartphone unless I really need features including on my DLSR. One thing smartphones don’t do really well is zoom and that’s where the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS excels! What is the killer feature? It has 40X optical zoom (that’s the …

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Space Invaders Reinvented as Camera Invaders

I hope all of you had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend including fun times with friends and family. I thought I would extend the fun one more day. Given the demographic of this blog, I’m sure many of you remember the classic video game Space Invaders. It has been …

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Lytro Light Field Camera

Over the years there have been a lot of changes to cameras. Yet one thing has never really changed. Before taking the shot, you have to focus on the subject of the image. Sure, there is auto-focus on many cameras. But what if the auto-focus doesn’t focus on the right …

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Digital Camera Exposes Original Paintings

Digital cameras have come a long way in the past ten years. The quality of the pictures continue to improve. The number of megapixels continues to rise. But I read about a digital camera today that is truly mind-blowing. It shoots at 240 megapixels. This camera was specifically developed to …

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Flaws with RAW Files

If you’ve been reading our CorelDRAW Unleashed magazine over the past few issues, you’ve seen that we’ve had a running series discussing the usage of RAW files from your digital camera. There is no doubt that they give you the highest quality images. The downside is that the camera makers …

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