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Hump Day Hardware: Sound Cards

While we are all in the world of computer graphics, the projects we tackle every day can vary widely. Today I'm going to cover a product category that is vitally important to some of you and it probably isn't terribly useful for others. We're going to talk about...

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Compact Power for the Road

With all of the new travel restrictions, it gets harder and harder to pack a bag that meets all of the security and weight limits. Yet when you get to your destination, there never seems to be an easy place to plug in all of your gear.Recently I picked up the...

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The Masses Have Gone Digital

Jeff Harrison and I recently returned from our European Boot Camp Cruise. The ship was massive with over 3500 passengers plus 1200 crew. As we observed our fellow passengers, we noticed that almost every camera we saw was digital. That really wasn't a surprise. It...

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Is the iPhone Really All That Great?

Ever since the iPhone was announced in January, it has been generating a huge amount of buzz. Somehow I've struggled to understand why it is such a great product. And I don't think it will be the runaway bestseller that everyone expects. Will it sell out the day it...

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