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Hump Day Hardware: Power Supplies

In January I talked about various components that make up the guts of a computer. When we talk about motherboards, powerful processors, memory, graphics cards, hard drives and more; we have to also talk about something to provide a steady source of clean power to all of those components. Over …

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Hump Day Hardware: Kindle 2

I think it was a little over a year ago that Amazon released the first iteration of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device (an e-book reader). It looked interesting, but I wasn’t really tempted to run out and get one. Now they have announced Kindle 2 with a shipping date of …

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Hump Day Hardware: Motorola S9-HD Headset

Last week as I was driving around California, I had to be very careful about breaking one of my bad habits. I often talk on my cel phone when driving. There, I said it. The reason I had to break the habit last week is that it is illegal in …

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Hump Day Hardware: Core i7 Memory

My time away from the office is almost over. Today will be my last day at the SGS Show in Rancho Bernardo, California and I’m definitely ready to head home. Even during these travels, the blog must go on. I’m in the middle of a series talking about the new …

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Hump Day Hardware: Motherboards

In a few hours the ship will pull in to Puerto Vallarta where I’ll have a full day of activities as we reach the halfway point of the CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camp Cruise. Right now, I need to tell you about some of the best motherboards available for the Intel …

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Hump Day Hardware: Intel Core i7 Processor

As we cover hardware in the next few installments, I’m going to look at the guts of the computer. This week I’ll cover the latest processors. Next week I’ll look at motherboards for those processors. The following week I’ll look at memory chips to go with the motherboards and the …

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Hump Day Hardware: Expensive Hardware?

What defines expensive hardware? Some would say it is purely a price tag with a large number of dollars. For those who define it simply by a number, the actual number would vary. Today I’d prefer to discuss the value of hardware. I don’t feel the price itself determines whether …

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Hump Day Hardware: NZXT Sentry LX High Performance Fan Controller

I’ve covered products this year that are practical for most every user. I’ve also covered a few frivolous hardware choices. Today’s choice could fall into either category depending on how you use your computer. The NZXT Sentry LX High Performance Fan Controller will take up two drive bays on the …

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Hump Day Hardware: Santa’s Special Deals

Typically I’ll focus on a specific category or product in my weekly look at hardware. Today I’m going to do things differently and focus on some special pricing on a variety of hardware. Santa has already packed his bags for tonight’s long trip and I’m guessing you won’t get everything …

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Hump Day Hardware: Memory Cards

Last week I talked about the usefulness of a USB flash drive. This week we’re going to talk about the flash memory cards used inside of digital cameras, mobile phones and other devices. One unfortunate part of this product category is that there are multiple standards in the market. I …

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