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Hump Day Hardware: Santa’s Special Deals

Typically I’ll focus on a specific category or product in my weekly look at hardware. Today I’m going to do things differently and focus on some special pricing on a variety of hardware. Santa has already packed his bags for tonight’s long trip and I’m guessing you won’t get everything …

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Hump Day Hardware: Memory Cards

Last week I talked about the usefulness of a USB flash drive. This week we’re going to talk about the flash memory cards used inside of digital cameras, mobile phones and other devices. One unfortunate part of this product category is that there are multiple standards in the market. I …

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Hump Day Hardware: USB Flash Drives

If you don’t know what a USB flash drive does, it is quite simple. It is a small device that plugs into the USB port of most any computer and holds a large amount of data. Think about it as the floppy disk for a new generation. I remember my …

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Hump Day Hardware: External Hard Drives

How do you manage the safety of your data? Hard drives run into problems and your data could easily be lost in a hard drive crash. That’s why it is so important to keep up-to-date back-ups. One of the best tools I’ve found for this are external hard drives. There …

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Hump Day Hardware: Harman Kardon GLA-55 Loudspeaker System

Some of the hardware I cover is very practical and represents something that every user of graphics software should have. Today is something that would look great on your desk and provide you with entertainment, but it may not be that practical. As you can see from the picture at …

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Hump Day Hardware: Label Printers

We’ve had a label printer in our office for at least ten years. When we need to print an address label for a package, it is just one click to send it to the label printer. This is a lot faster and looks a lot better than hand addressing the …

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Hump Day Hardware: Pachinko Machines

Now this might seem like an odd choice for hardware today. You’ll have to bear with me as I tell the story that led me to choose this item today. I’ve been traveling a lot in the last month. I’m currently in my eighth state in the last three weeks …

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Hump Day Hardware: Digital SLRs

In the past month or so they have been some big releases in the world of digital SLRs. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and that means you can interchange lenses on these digital cameras. It also means that these cameras do have a higher price tag than the typical …

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Hump Day Hardware: Webcam

I was traveling last week and found myself in the need of a new Web cam. My old one just wouldn’t play nicely with Vista. Sometimes I could get the video to work, but not always. Plus the driver just didn’t support the microphone at all. I did some searching …

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Hump Day Hardware: MacBook and MacBook Pro

Regular readers may think I’ve lost my mind. Why am I talking about machines using an operating system that can’t run CorelDRAW? First, these are darned good laptops. It also should be noted that these machines can run CorelDRAW using emulation software. At right is a photo of the MacBook …

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