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Five Free Kindle Books With Spies, Love, Fantasy and More

It may seem crazy that there are so many free books available in Kindle format, but there is no catch as I explained in How to Read Kindle Books and Why are Kindle Books Free. Make sure to check out previous posts with free titles. Three Free Kindle Books on …

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How to Read Kindle Books and Why Are Kindle Books Free?

I’ve recently done some posts where I listed Kindle books that were available for free at the time the post was written. Three Free Kindle Books on Murder, Space and Ghosts Start 2016 With Four Free Kindle Books Eight Free Kindle Books in a Variety of Genres These posts have …

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Eight Free Kindle Books in a Variety of Genres

Thanks to a recent trip, I’ve already finished two books this year and I’m well on the way to finishing a third. Each of those books was a Kindle version I got for free. If you want to stock up, more books are listed below. The books I’ve listed were …

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Start 2016 With Four Free Kindle Books

Was one of your resolutions to read more books in 2016? Get started on that resolution by getting some free Kindle books. I’ve selected four of them currently being offered for free. Keep in mind you can read Kindle books on your computer, your smartphone, your tablet or a dedicated …

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Three Free Kindle Books on Murder, Space and Ghosts

I love to read books. Often I read non-fiction to try and learn something new. But I also love to get lost in some good fiction. In the last couple of years, most of my reading has been on my tablet. I like a good deal as much as anyone …

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New Kindle Fire HDX Tablets and Revamped Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has released the third generation of their Kindle Fire tablets. The latest iterations represent very powerful hardware at great prices when compared with the competition. Let’s look at what is available so you can decide if one of these tablets is right for you. The first tablet released will …

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Follow-Up on Kindle Publishing and MysticThumbs

There are days when I feel like the only person who realizes the massive amount of information available in the blog archives. Of course it’s because I’m the one who creative the majority of the content. A month ago I announced the release of Setting Up a Windows Computer From …

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Read Graphics Unleashed Blog on Kindle

Many of you receive the posts from the Graphics Unleashed blog each day in your inbox. If you don’t already, you can request to receive them for free. There are others who read it on the Web or through an RSS Reader. Did you know you can also receive it …

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Designing for a Moving Target

A couple of days ago I provided a Software Toolkit for Designing EPUB and Kindle Files and today I want to discuss some of the challenges involved. In short, there are a lot of compatibility problems between the different Kindle platforms and the worst offender is probably the device that …

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Software Toolkit for Designing EPUB and Kindle Files

I’ve designed quite a few ebooks delivered in PDF format. My process is a well-oiled machine and I’ve been very happy with the resulting publications. Recently I’ve been looking at releasing some ebooks in EPUB and/or Kindle formats. There have been some bumps along the road and I think I’ve …

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