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Value Your Time and Do It The Productive Way

I had a plumbing project that a “professional” had done twice over the past few months and both times it began to leak very soon afterwards. Can you guess that I didn’t trust that professional any more? A few days ago I had a very handy friend help me completely …

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Preparing To Move Computer From Windows XP to Windows 8.1

If you are a loyal reader, there are several things you probably already know from previous posts. I’m not a big fan of Windows 8 and I can’t understand why Microsoft would make the horrid mistake of forcing users to an interface better suited for touchscreens. About a year ago …

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Can You Find Files From Ten Years Ago?

I got an urgent message from a friend the other day. He and I had worked on a project ten years ago and he wondered if I still had a copy of the final PDF file we created. If you got such a request, could you find the file? With …

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Find and Research Software Running in the Background With Windows Task Manager

Over the weekend I was getting ready to watch a football game on my laptop and it sure seemed like there was a lot of memory (RAM) in use. Since my game was about an hour away from kickoff, I went on a search and destroy mission on unnecessary stuff …

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Upgrade Before Microsoft Office 2003 Support Ends in April 2014

Last week I told you to Put a Plan in Place to Upgrade From Windows XP before its support ends in April 2014. The clock is ticking and now there are only 217 days left (when this post first appeared). On that same date, support also ends for Microsoft Office …

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Put a Plan in Place Now to Upgrade From Windows XP

As I write this post, it is August 26, 2013. That’s more than twelve years after Windows XP was released to computer manufacturers! Yes, it was August 24, 2001 when XP first was sent to the computer folks. A more important date for you all to know right now is …

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Speed Up a New Computer By Removing Unnecessary Junk

A good buddy of mine got a new laptop recently and was disappointed because it felt sluggish and his browser would hang on a regular basis. Sadly this is quite common when you buy a new computer (desktop or laptop) from one of the major manufacturers. One method used to …

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Cave Creek Geek Removes Dust From a Computer in Ventura, CA

The Cave Creek Geek couldn’t stand the loud noise made by a friend’s computer and helped him clean out the dust. After the cleaning, the computer was nearly silent and ran much better. Watch the video and get your computer cleaned out! For more information on this type of maintenance, …

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Take a Few Minutes to Update the Essential Utilities

There are undoubtedly utilities on your computer that are essential to your workflow. It is common for minor updates of these utilities to be released every month or two. But how often do you check to see if you have the most current version? I spent about 10 minutes checking …

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Make Sure All of Your Account Information is Accurate

Since today is a holiday in the United States (and elsewhere), I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some maintenance you may want to do on our site. I know you would never make the mistakes I’m about to describe, but it wouldn’t hurt to check, would …

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