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We Are All Helpless Against Murphy’s Law

Do you ever have days where nothing seems to go right? I think we all have them and they tend to come in bunches. Now we’re not talking about really bad stuff. This is the kind of thing that just makes you shake your head and wonder if there is …

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Celebrate Earth Day By Safely Recycling Computers and Electronics

Today is Earth Day and I want to talk about ways that you can dispose of a computer and/or electronic equipment safely. I want to give a shout out to loyal reader Greg Williams for suggesting today’s topic. If we are dealing with something that contains data, you may want …

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Dealing With Problematic Windows Updates

Someone posted a comment on a previous post and I thought it was a question that I should also pass along to all readers as the answer can be quite important. First, let’s look at the question: for the past 2 nights my computer has done an automatic update. in …

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When Should You Install Windows Updates?

The IT folks definitely know what happens on the second Tuesday of each month. That’s the day when Microsoft rolls out the major updates for Windows. It may take another day or two after that before you are notified, but the real question is how quickly you should install those …

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Blow Out Your Computer Before It Blows Up

I’ll warn you, this post contains a dirty picture. No, really, it is dirty! I’m talking about the dust and dirt that can build up inside of your computer and other electronic devices. When was the last time you opened up your computer to see what was inside? If you …

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