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Prepare Your Marketing and Proofread Your Postcard

I got a nice looking postcard in the mail recently. It advertised a car service to the airport. It is something I’d consider as it could be less expensive than parking on a long trip. There was even a coupon offering a discount. If you don’t see the problem, look …

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Renew Your Domains Before You Lose Your Identity

When I started this blog more than a decade ago, I vowed there were a few topics I would avoid. One of those topics is politics. So while I’m about to tell you a story that involved US politics, I’m writing purely about something that happened online that I want …

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Importance of Responsive Web Pages With Forms

About a week ago, I told you about Free Vehicle Templates and Huge Artwork Library. Many of you registered for a free subscription and there may have been a small number of you who had issues with the form. One of the biggest trends in Web design is having a …

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JPG Files Were the Wrong Answer For Project

Recently I was working on a flyer for a client that was to contain several photos of their products. The client had brought in a photographer to take pictures. After the pictures were taken, the photographer removed the background from the photos. Then something was done that ruined the photos, …

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Update Your System Security With ZoneAlarm Products at Deep Discount

The folks who make ZoneAlarm know that I am an avid user and that I’m not afraid to tell others about it. They asked if I could write something about their latest releases. Obviously I’m happy to do it, but I wanted to know if they could provide something special …

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Windows 10 Start Menu Was a Non-Starter For Me

My laptop was showing its age after nearly five years so I got myself a new laptop, the Dell XPS15. I wrote about its little brother in the Dell XPS13 Touchscreen Ultrabook post a few months ago. As part of the new laptop, I knew that my only operating system …

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Home and Student Version Often Costs More in the Long Run

Everyone loves to save money. But there are times that trying to save money will cost you far more in the long run. Specifically, many users buy the “Home and Student” version of CorelDRAW because it costs less than the full version. While it may be the appropriate version for …

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Five Tasks to Prepare Your Computer For The Upcoming Year

One thing I always try to do at the beginning of each year is to do some routine maintenance on my computer so it will be ready for productivity all year long. I’ve listed five of those tasks below. Update Your Drivers Every piece of hardware in your computer has …

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Unleashed Power Outage and Windows 10 Update Failures

We had planned for months to transition the unleash.com Web site to a new server on December 21. The plan was written out and revisited more than a few times so we could make sure the transition was as smooth as possible. All started out well and the Web site …

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At the Age of Twenty, unleash.com Moves to WordPress

The unleash.com site first came to life in May 1995 and it started as just a single page. Over the years it went through a number of makeovers and it grew to over ten thousand pages. Unfortunately it got to the point where making some of the needed changes were …

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