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Tech News Digest for July 1, 2016

I've put together a fairly long list of news items this week on a wide variety of tech-related subjects. There are also a couple of fun ones thrown in there that you may enjoy. You're loyal to Starbucks, but is Starbucks loyal to you? 7 Businesses That Are Doing...

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Tech News Digest for June 24, 2016

There was a lot of news on various social media networks this week, possible money coming from lawsuit settlements, big deals, new products and much more. Are quizzes on Facebook dangerous? Feeling ill? Google rolling out symptoms search Gain more control over your...

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Tech News Digest for June 17, 2016

With Apple's WWDC this week, there were a lot of big stories about Apple products in the near future. The week started with the huge cash purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft. Those may be the biggest stories, but they weren't the only ones. Apple's Siri expected to...

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Tech News Digest for June 12, 2016

Working in the tech industry, I read quite a few news items that are related to tech. There are times when I find something so compelling that I dedicate a blog post to the subject. I'll often see stories that I think you, my loyal readers, would find interesting...

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