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Vorteile von Large Dimension CorelDraw-Dateien

After all the years and version changes, I still find it odd that Adobe has put a limit of around 227 inches on their files. I wrote about this in Large Dimension PDF Files are Fine, Adobe is the Problem back in 2011. For those of you working in metric, …

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Growing Collection of WordPress Web Design Tutorials

I don’t write as much as I have in the past. A big reason is that I’m spending more time on building Web sites and simply am not able to take the time out to document my techniques. Of course I’m also researching new techniques myself to improve my own …

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Unleashed Has Earned Google Partner Status

It was a long process and one that will be ongoing, but I’m excited to announce that Unleashed has earned Google Partner status. I’ve included a clickable badge below (it may not function or appear if you are reading via email) and then I’ll describe the process involved. At this …

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Metallic Headers Easy to Create

I was working on a project recently where I wanted to create headers referencing four different types of metal. I’ll start with the finished images and then I’ll discuss how they were created. First, I needed to know what color represented each kind of metal. A quick Google search gave …

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Creating Consistent Product Shots For Web Shopping

If you only have a single product to display on your Web site for sale, you can have images at whatever size and aspect ratio that you want. Even with only a couple, you have flexibility. But with more images, it is extremely important that all images have identical dimensions. …

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Quick Answers to Wide Range of Questions

I’m convinced that people just don’t pay attention these days. Yes, myself included. That includes not reading the answer that is very clearly stated on a Web page. Not reading a sign with clear instructions. I’ve even missed at least a couple of things I’ve read in the past month. …

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Do The Math For Yourself in CorelDRAW

After I had a couple of articles covering WordPress, it was time to get back to writing about CorelDRAW. There are some features that are really useful and very hidden unless you dig really deep. That’s what I chose to cover in the latest article for Insights magazine. So what …

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Building a WordPress Site

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class where I built a live WordPress Web site as part of the 2017 International Awards & Personalization Expo. For those who want to see the site we built, click here. Note that this site will be deleted after a few months. …

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Gratis Facebook-Seite Cover-Foto-Schablone für 2017 Abmessungen

Wussten Sie, dass Facebook leise die Pixelmaße für Titelfotos von Facebook-Seiten ein paar Monate zurück verändert? Ich wusste es nicht an der Zeit, auch wenn ich eine kleine Änderung bemerkt haben, wie die Dinge angezeigt. Als Referenz wurde die alte Größe 851 Pixel breit und 315 Pixel ...

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Recap von Drei-Jahres-Erweiterung der entfesselten Web Familie

Da der Kalender auf das Jahr 2014 überrollt, gab es nur eine aktive Website für uns hier bei Unleashed. Ja, wir hatten technisch eine zweite Seite, aber es deutete einfach zurück auf die Hauptseite. Alle der Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Inhalte wurden auf der unleash.com Website gespeichert. ...

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