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Use Seamless Textures in Your Graphics Software

I hope everyone got to enjoy their holiday weekend and you didn’t return to a pile of work on your desk or an overflowing inbox. My desk and inbox always seem to be full so let’s get to some tutorials. Each time I tell users about a new Textures Unleashed …

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Your Own Private CorelDRAW Training Session

A little over a year ago, I told you about The End Of A Training Era. Unfortunately the time had come for our last CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp. In December 2011 we held the final Boot Camp and it was a sad occasion for me. Unfortunately this also left …

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2001: An Unleashed Odyssey

Yesterday was my 2000th blog post so today is the start of the second 2000 and I wanted to take a walk down memory lane. Last week I had to film a quick screen test for a local filmmaker who would like to do some video projects with me. I’m …

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Check Google PageRank For All Website Pages At Once

I hope you have all gotten a chance to read Doug Dickson’s SEO Saturday posts. If not, I’ll provide links to each of them below. The Top 5 SEO Factors Free SEO Tools How to Choose a Reputable SEO Company If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will …

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The Power of Labels in CorelDRAW

One of CorelDRAW’s most powerful features is imposition. Many users don’t fully understand what can be done with imposition, but the labels feature gives you a small taste of that power. You see, labels are simply pre-defined versions of imposition features. In The Wide World of Labels in CorelDRAW, I …

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Gear Creation in CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, 3D Studio Max and More

A group of us sat in the dark in a strip mall in the early 90s. It was time for the monthly CorelDRAW Users Group meeting. Someone raised their hand and asked how to draw a gear. Various members got up and showed the method they would use. This was …

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How to Make a Hi-Tech Interface Using CorelDRAW

Users are always wanting to know how to create cool looking stuff and today’s tutorial falls into that category. At first glance, you may feel that How to Make a Hi-Tech Interface Using CorelDRAW would only be useful if you were creating graphics for the Web. The example was definitely …

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Stunning Image of Solar Eclipse and How It Was Shot

Truly iconic images combine a photographer’s skill with being in the right place at the right time. At right you’ll see an image of the most recent solar eclipse shot by photographer Colleen Pinski in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Being in the right place at the right time allowed her to …

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Insert Company Name Here Isn’t Working

What if you walked into your favorite hardware store and said “My Black & Decker doesn’t work”. Or maybe you call an appliance repairman and say “My General Electric doesn’t work”. Have you really told them anything at all about what isn’t working? In both cases you have given the …

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Making Stuff in CorelDRAW – Brushed Metal, Glares and More

In the last two weeks I’ve covered two of Jeff Harrison’s awesome tutorials for creating metallic objects. CorelDRAW Vector Metal creates mainly vector effects and CorelDRAW Gold Factory incorporates bitmaps. Today we look at a third tutorial named Making Stuff in CorelDRAW. As you go through the tutorial and the …

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