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Tutorial Tuesday: Shorten Your Design Time with Templates

I don’t think there is any user out there that wouldn’t like to get their projects done in less time. One answer to that is using templates. For some projects, they can cut the time to complete a project in half. Heck, they might save you even more time than …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Creating Distressed Text in CorelDRAW

Users are always wondering how to create unique looking text effects. One example of that is distressed text and the Creating Distressed Text in CorelDRAW tutorial shows you various ways to accomplish the task. After trying each of the methods discussed, I’m sure you’ll think of some other techniques to …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Creating a Painted Effect from a Photograph

In this oldie but goodie tutorial, Mike Bresciani will show you a variety of filters in Corel PHOTO-PAINT that you can use to make a photo look like a painted effect. Because of the tutorial’s age, it was written using Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8. While some of the features may have …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Making Stuff in CorelDRAW

OK, so you read the title Making Stuff in CorelDRAW and you probably want to know just what kind of stuff. The best thing I can tell you is to look at the sample images on the page. Each of them was created with the techniques in this tutorial. The …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Parallel Lines

I remember attending a presentation done by someone at Corel many years ago. In it, they described how a feature goes from a request to the drawing board to part of CorelDRAW. The feature used as an example was drawing parallel lines. Yet no such feature exists in the program …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Adding Color to Black and White Photos with Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Today we’re going to roll back the clock a bit. The tutorial is ten years old and it can show you how to liven up photos that are even older. Adding Color to Black and White Photos with Corel PHOTO-PAINT gives you techniques for colorizing those old photos. Yes, it …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Using CorelDRAW to Make Quilting Blocks

It is always amazing to see the vast array of physical products that can be created with CorelDRAW. A product that is one of my favorites is quilting simply because the first person I ever trained to use CorelDRAW was going to be creating quilt patterns with it. Since then …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Five Rules of Effective Website Navigation

One week at sea. Another week of trade shows and conferences. Then a few days of fun at the FBR Open and watching the Super Bowl with friends. Now it is time for me to spend more time at my desk to finish up the projects at hand. Since I’m …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Whiten Teeth in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

If you go to the local drug store, you’ll find a number of products geared towards whitening teeth. My dentist also offers services for whitening teeth. Those take time and/or money to get your teeth white. Today I’m directing you to a tutorial that shows you how you can whiten …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Custom Nibs in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Everyone on the CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camp Cruise really enjoyed our day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico yesterday. In a few hours we will dock in Mazatlan for a day of fun followed by some Corel PHOTO-PAINT Secrets in the late afternoon. While we will cover a number of great …

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