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Easily Create 3D Boxshots of Physical and Virtual Products

If you (or a client) have a product to sell, you need some sort of a product shot to use in your promotions. Virtual products are extremely common on the Internet and there simply isn’t a physical product to use. Therefore a virtual boxshot is created for a product that …

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Easily Create a Custom Wall Calendar for Your Clients

I recently went to a grand re-opening for a friend print shop. As a gift to attendees, they printed a custom wall calendar for anyone who sent in a picture. You’ll see a photo of one of those custom calendars at right. Do you realize how easy it would be …

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HDR Software Tools Redux and Photomatix Pro 4

I’ve written before about some of the software tools available for creating HDR images. HDR stands for high dynamic range photography and can make a good photo really jump out. As a recap, here are links to some of the tools I’ve discussed before. ReDynamix for Pseudo HDR Luminance and …

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View, Convert and Batch Process Images with IrfanView

One of these days I really need to count the number of time I use IrfanView on any given day. Even on a slow day, I bet it is at least ten times. Most of the time I use it to view a variety of bitmap formats. Sure, you probably …

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Learn All About the Night Sky with Google Sky Map App

When I was in grade school, one of our field trips each year was to a planetarium. It was cool, but I sure don’t remember much about the stars in the sky other than the Big Dipper. In more recent years I’ve visit the observatory at Kitt Peak for their …

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Keep Your Budgets Balanced with Quicken and/or Quickbooks 2014

We’ve all seen the US Government doesn’t know how to set a budget and follow it, but that isn’t something that works in a household or a business if you want to be successful. I’ve been a user of Quicken for my personal finances and Quickbooks for Unleashed for many …

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Free Tool For Selecting Winners of Facebook Promotions

Running a Facebook promotion on a business page has always been a tricky beast. You want to offer a prize to the winner that will encourage participation, yet you don’t want to offer a prize that brings in people who have no interest in your company and its products/services. Once …

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Store Important Information in Evernote and Retrieve it Anywhere

Every single day we get an e-mail or a phone call from someone who purchased something in the past. Some have had a hard drive crash, while others have simply misplaced the information. The user has lost the information we provided to them to log-in, authenticate or simply use the …

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New 64-Bit Corel PaintShop Pro X6 Delivers on Users Top Request

This week Corel released the latest version of their consumer digital image editing app, Corel PaintShop Pro X6. A copy of the software was not provided for review, so I am including the press release below. In addition to purchasing options from both Corel and Amazon, links are provided to …

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Technology Choices and Changes in the Unleashed Office

Typically I focus on computer hardware and software, along with complimentary products. Today I’m going to step back a bit and talk about some of the technology used in homes and offices. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a number of technology changes being made in the …

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