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Corel Corporation Buys Bibble Labs — Photo Workflow Tool Coming Soon

I’ve been a big fan of Bibble Pro for a number of years. More recently, I wrote about it last January. For users who need to process RAW files, it is very powerful and insanely fast. Earlier today, Jeff Stephens of Bibble Labs made the shocking announcement that Corel purchased …

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Design Base Automation Plug-In for CorelDRAW X3-X5

As I talk to designers, it seems like the Holy Grail is a tool that will just do what you want in one click. I’m not sure that it will ever be that easy, but Design Base Automation Plug-in for CorelDRAW X3-X5 certainly makes things a lot easier. When you …

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PowerMenu Gives More Choices in Windows Menus

All of your software has a Windows Control Menu associated with it. It typically includes options like Close, Maximize, Move, Size, Minimize, etc. All useful choices, but it is somewhat limited. PowerMenu adds even more choices including Priority, Transparency, Always On Top and Minimize To Tray. Note that it doesn’t …

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Easy Thumbnails

Not too long ago I got a question from a loyal reader asking for an easy way to downsample a batch of images to a specified size. This can certainly be done in Corel PHOTO-PAINT and is a task I describe in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 Unleashed. In fact, I provide …

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ResizeEnable Allows You to Modify All Dialog Box Sizes

One of the best features of CorelDRAW is all the customization you can do. Yet there is one customization that isn’t possible in any program and that is the ability to change the size of all dialog boxes. The programmer makes the decision about which dialog boxes can be resized …

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Turbocharge File Copying With TeraCopy

One of the tasks that users inevitably do on a regular basis is copying files. Windows has built-in features for the task, but they are far from optimal. Have you ever set up a copy of thousands of files across many folders only to find that one bad file stopped …

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VueScan Scanner Software

Macro authors must be working on some really cool projects as there haven’t been as many new releases recently. Since there aren’t any new macros to write about, I’m going to deviate a bit today and talk about scanning software. When you buy a scanner, it typically comes with software …

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Sumatra PDF

Most users have Adobe Reader installed on their computers as a way to read PDF file. You may have noticed that it is updated quite often to patch various security holes. The worst thing is that users rarely use the features that allow the holes to appear in the first …

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 5 Offered For Free

Just in case you are reading this well after the original posting, the deal I’m going to describe expires on November 24, 2011. Whew, that should save me a lot of questions some time in the future. I’ve written about Xara Photo & Graphic Designer in the past. Most recently …

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Color Cop

I loved it when CorelDRAW X5 gave us eyedroppers in almost every place you need to choose colors. Yet there are times I’m working in other programs and need to select a color. Color Cop allows you to select colors from anything you can see on screen. It will give …

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