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It may be a small utility or possibly the software upon which you run your business. We’ll tell you about our favorites.


Convert Those Obscure File Formats

We all know that the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is awesome at converting various file formats, both bitmap and vector. But there are times when you come across a format that even CorelDRAW doesn't understand. I recently ran across a Web site that can handle a lot of...

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Industry Standards

I often hear people talking about how something is an industry standard. Unfortunately they don't always do a good job of backing up that statement. I'll provide a few examples and then I hope you'll post your thoughts. For this discussion, we're going to limit our...

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Get Bryce for Free

Do you remember Bryce? For a while it was a Corel product. I can't remember exactly when, but it was at least a couple of years ago when Corel sold it to DAZ Productions. DAZ is running an amazing deal for the next few days. OK, so this offer absolutely expires on...

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Automate Your Logins

How many Web sites do you visit each day that require you to log in? If you're like me, the number is fairly large. Some sites allow you to make up your own user name and password while others assign them for you. What about those long forms that always seem to ask...

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