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Reaper Audio Multitracking

Corel related? Nope. Media related? Yes. 🙂 Here’s some gnarly multitracker software I’ve been following. In spite of scary name, it offers massive community support and numerous and regular improvements/updates. Looks really slick (esp. with skinable UI as shown), and works quite well. Click for a better view. Some of …

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Macro Monday: Jeff’s Curvelength

Often users will ask for a way to find out the length of a curve in CorelDRAW. There are some powerful tools that will do this and much more. Curveworks is exactly that. But if you only need the length of curves, it is certainly overkill. Jeff’s Curvelength will just …

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Sunday Stock: Power Graphics

Logo design is probably one of the most difficult areas of graphic design. A simple graphic is used to portray a company in all of their marketing materials. Power Graphics Volume 3 includes a number of graphics that can be used to build logos or pretty much any other type …

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Weekend Widget: Xara Xtreme Pro 4.1

I just posted a review of Xara Xtreme Pro 4.1. In many ways, Xara Xtreme is a competitor to CorelDRAW. But I look at it as more of a complementary product. There are certainly things it does better than CorelDRAW and Xara has features that aren’t available in CorelDRAW. But …

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Font Friday: Viking

Since today is Halloween, I was still searching out fonts that might be a good fit for the holiday. Rather than finding another “scary” font, I thought about finding something related to a costume someone might wear. That led me to the Viking font shown at right. You can download …

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Thursday Tip: Insert Symbol Character Docker

There has been confusion about this Docker since Corel introduced Symbols in CorelDRAW 12. Many users still think of Symbols as the simple graphics contained in symbol fonts. To bring up the Docker, press Ctrl + F11. Not only will you see symbol fonts listed, but every single font available …

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Hump Day Hardware: Webcam

I was traveling last week and found myself in the need of a new Web cam. My old one just wouldn’t play nicely with Vista. Sometimes I could get the video to work, but not always. Plus the driver just didn’t support the microphone at all. I did some searching …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Play Ball

With the World Series in full swing, let’s look at a tutorial that shows you techniques for drawing a baseball. Fluid’s Play Ball: How to Create a Custom Baseball in CorelDRAW will show you all of the steps to not only draw a ball, but to customize it. While the …

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Macro Monday: Sancho DocNav

For those of you working with multi-page CorelDRAW files, it can be a little time consuming to navigate to the first or last pages. Sancho DocNav can help you with that. Assign the functions of DocNav to shortcut keys and you are one keypress away from the first or last …

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Sunday Stock: Major League Baseball

The World Series is in full swing. What better time to look for baseball-related artwork. One of the best places to look is on the Major League Baseball Web site. You’ll find the logos for all major league teams, logos for special events like the World Series or the All …

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Weekend Widget: Google Earth

At one time or another, I think we have all watched a bird and wished we could fly. Using Google Earth allows you to fly virtually over any place on earth. When you first open the application, you are looking at the globe. As a test, I typed “parthenon” into …

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Font Friday: RemiHead

Usually I can give you a good reason why I picked a particular font. As I was searching around for today’s font, one of them just jumped out at me. I have no idea why, I just wanted to select it. RemiHead is described as a hi-tech retro font. It …

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Thursday Tip: Compose Your Photos

There are a number of ways that we can improve photos once they come into the computer. But to really improve the pictures, you need to do better when taking the pictures. Before you push the button, stop and think a bit about what would make the best image. For …

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Hump Day Hardware: MacBook and MacBook Pro

Regular readers may think I’ve lost my mind. Why am I talking about machines using an operating system that can’t run CorelDRAW? First, these are darned good laptops. It also should be noted that these machines can run CorelDRAW using emulation software. At right is a photo of the MacBook …

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image rescue again

Here’s an image of a doctor that I improved upon a few years ago. There were no other photos available, I just had to make it work. 🙂 You might notice some main things such as removing shadow behind head, and skin tone adjustment. The final result has a bit …

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Tutorial Tuesday: The Evils of Using JPEG Files

So often I see users choosing to save files in JPEG format simply because it creates small files. Often it is the wrong choice. Today’s tutorial, The Evils of Using JPEG Files, will help you to understand the problems with JPEG files and alternative formats that would be a better …

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Image rescue

Here was a pic that needed some repair. The original provided was at left, my repair attempt at right. click on image for more detail….

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