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Seamless Technology Textures Upgrade Your Artwork

Is your technology outdated? Upgrade it with a new collection of seamless textures featuring 144 different technology patterns as part of our Textures Unleashed collections. You can use these technology textures in nearly all your software to aid your designs of business cards, flyers, posters, vehicle wraps and much more. …

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Web Client Horror Stories and Lowering Costs

I came across a client horror story on the Clients From Hell site. Even if you don’t do Web design, I’m sure you can easily think of a project where similar things happened to you. I’ve not had the exact scenario described, but I’ve definitely had some Web projects where …

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Changing An Address Required Changing Entire Ad

One of my Web clients called recently and asked if I could change the address on one of their current specials. Sounds simple enough, but I didn’t have the artwork for the original and there was no easy way to simply replace the address. Below is the original special. Unfortunately …

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G.SKILL DDR4 RAM Provides Memory For a New Computer

Last week I shared the ASUS RoG Maximus VIII Hero LGA1151 DDR4 M.2 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Type A Type C Intel Z170 ATX Motherboard with you. I suggested it would be really fast if paired with the Intel i7-6700K 4.00 GHz CPU. While that covers two very important parts …

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Graphics Tablets, Tablet Computers and Tracing Graphics

I got an interesting note from a loyal reader recently. It contained some misconceptions, some horrendous advice and a desire to improve a common task. Let’s go over each of those items and hopefully I can clear it all up. One thing I’ve advised over and over and over is …

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A Lumberyard Full of Seamless Wood Textures

We have a new collection of seamless textures featuring 144 different wood patterns as part of our Textures Unleashed collections. You can use these wood patterns in nearly all your software to aid your designs of business cards, flyers, posters, vehicle wraps and much more. Those of you doing laser …

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Creating My Own Chamber of Commerce Name Badge

I’ve told you about our Shifting Marketing Focus to Attract Local Business which included joining the Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce. As part of this effort, I’ve been attending a number of networking events so I can talk to other local business people in person. Of course I made myself …

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Rendering a Virtual Cup of Coffee

I was working on a new online project for a client and they wanted to promote a free cup of coffee campaign. After some research, I came across a really cool digital mockup of a cup of Starbucks coffee. Note that this mockup requires a newer version of Adobe Photoshop. …

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ASUS Maximus VIII Hero LGA1151 ATX Motherboard

I’ve said many times before that building your own computer can be a very rewarding exercise. You get exactly what you want and it won’t have all the junk typically supplied on the mass market computers. The starting point for such a build is a motherboard and the technology on …

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Textures Unleashed Lite and Pro Collections Now Downloadable

There are times we get suggestions from you, our loyal readers, and we are very frustrated that it just isn’t feasible to follow up on those suggestions. There were two suggestions related to our Textures Unleashed collections that we weren’t able to implement…until now! We have offered two different collections …

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Clipart deSIGN Artwork Bundles Available for Download

We are continuing the big makeover and a dozen artwork bundles from Clipart deSIGN have now to moved to the CorelDRAW Unleashed site. The screenshot below shows half of the bundles. Once you get to the Clipart deSIGN page on the CorelDRAW Unleashed site you can go to a …

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Review of Xara Designer Pro X11

Back in July, I shared information on the latest release of Xara Designer Pro X11 in New Release: Xara Designer Pro X11, Creative Software with Online Editing. Now that I’ve spent time with the software, it is time to share my thoughts. If you’ve used Xara products in the past, …

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Classes From Google Including Various Nanodegrees

We all hear about the person who created the new app and became a bazillionaire. Sure, it requires a great idea and the technical ability to create the app. It also requires the business skills to promote and monetize the app. Web development is also a hot area and it …

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Dell XPS13 Touchscreen Ultrabook

What do you want in a laptop? We all have different needs. Typically something easy to carry is a big plus. Who doesn’t want a beautiful screen? Of course you want good speed. You can get all of those things in the Dell XPS13 Touchscreen Ultrabook. Let’s start with portability …

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Fit images into a certain area with CorelDRAW

Question: “I want to know how to fill a shape with a graphic that is the same size and space between the graphic. For instance, I have a 4×4″ box. I want to fill the box with 10 small graphics that are the same. how do I do this? I …

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Create fonts quickly with CorelDRAW

Here’s a relatively fast way to create your own working font, using CorelDRAW as part of the process. font_template Note that the template is “Locked” in CorelDRAW. (Right-click on an element to lock or unlock an item – look through the pop-up list) Enjoy! Jeff Harrison

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Your Opinion Needed on New Unleashed Site

Last week I explained that The Big Makeover is Nearing Completion. There is still plenty of time before the switchover and I encourage everyone to read that post in full as it contains very important information for anyone who has interacted with us in the past. Behind the scenes, …

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