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Bilbo Script Font Perfect For All Hobbits

Some of you will find it shocking that I’ve not seen any of the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movies. I don’t avoid movies, I just didn’t seem to have an interest in those particular films. But when I saw the name of today’s font, Bilbo, I immediately thought …

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Get Windows 10 For Free!

Have you been slow to move to the newest versions of Windows in the past? If you are still using Windows XP, that’s definitely true. Even many users of Windows 7 hesitate to upgrade to Windows 8/8.1 as they don’t see any benefit. Microsoft wants to do everything possible to …

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Social Media Explained Gives You Knowledge You Need

I’ve read each of Mark Schaefer’s previous books: Return on Influence, Tao of Twitter and Born to Blog. Each of those books has given me knowledge I can put to use immediately. I’m a little late to get Social Media Explained: Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend but I’m …

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Some Puddy Tats Paid A Visit and New Cover Photo

Who needs to go to the zoo when there are frequently wild animals that walk around in your neighborhood. While some of these animals can be dangerous, they are typically a lot more scared of people. So as I go outside to shoot photos of the furry visitors, I usually …

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Paint Your Headlines With The Woodbrush Font

If I go strictly by the name of today’s font, Woodbrush, you’d get the impression that each of the characters was drawn using a brush made of wood. Yes, the characters have a rough edge but it is hard for me to imagine the brush that would draw them. None …

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Spell Check Your Work Before It Goes Out

One of the first projects I ever completed as a designer was a menu for a small Italian restaurant. The menu looked great and I got almost everything right. After the menus were printed, a customer pointed out that the soft drinks included Coke, Sprite and Root Beef. That’s right, …

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Samsung 850 EVO SSD Drive Brings Speed at Reasonable Cost

SSD Drives have been around for several years now. The early versions had small capacities and weren’t very reliable. Reliability is now rock solid with tests showing they could last up to 1000 years under a normal workload. I will be long gone before the end of that 1000 years …

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Ecut 6 has some updates

There are several useful updates in version most useful: nesting. Added (as before) the height of the resulting output block. The unused area will be crossed out. You can select best result from list. You can make several attempts and select best version using arrows, nesting will save them …

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Tax Failure, CorelDRAW Seminars and Artwork Collections

Sometimes there are topics that I want to write about in the blog, but they can be covered in just a few words. Today I’m combining three of those topics as together they cover a lot of important information that can save you money, help you avoid frustration and hopefully …

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Are You Guilty of Using Common Words Incorrectly?

I’m a writer so one of my biggest pet peeves is when people use common words incorrectly. This probably seems to get worse with text messages and posts on social media. Often the offenders are quick to blame “autocorrect” and it might actually be at fault some of the time. …

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Your E-mail Reader Determines How Newsletter Is Rendered

Soon after last week’s Graphics Unleashed Weekly Newsletter had been sent, I got an e-mail from a frustrated reader. The reader begged me to “fix” the formatting because the first couple of characters were being cut off in the list of articles. I was even provided with a screenshot of …

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Did You Miss Some Posts While Away on Holidays?

There were many of you away from your office and e-mail the last couple of weeks due to the holidays. Even if you weren’t away, I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t as focused on keeping up with the Graphics Unleashed Blog. Today I’m including the posts that went live …

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24 Nasalization Fonts Breathe Life Into Designs

This is the time of year when many of us get a cold and find our nasal passages blocked. I’ve been fighting a cold for the last ten days and that led me to today’s font named Nasalization. While a cold is certainly no fun, I think you’ll find the …

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